Diné Culture Night — October 16th, 2019

Knowledge Sharing 1: Teachings around the home

  • Roles and responsibilities of chʼíkęęh/chʼíkéí
  • Roles and responsibilities of tsíłkęęh/tsíłkéí

This session will focus on understanding the traditional concept of young men and women’s roles and responsibilities of self-value, respect, gratitude, caring for others, self-care, and self-sufficiency. Roles are socially defined as obligations and behaviors towards others such as mother, father, sister, brother, and extended family.

Knowledge Sharing 2: Navajo Hogan story and teachings

  • Nihimá hooghan yisdzáán baa haneʼ
  • Nihimá hooghan yisdzáán binaʼnitin
  • Culture learning activity included

The stories and teaching of the Navajo female Hogan provide a foundation for every individual’s emergence. It is connected to the development of the Diné human: from conception through the nine months of being in the womb to birth. These teachings and stories explain where we come from.

This is the fourth of seven Diné Culture Nights for Fall 2019.

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