Robert W. Young Scholarship Fund

The Robert W. Young Scholarship has supported 33 UNM students studying the linguistics of indigenous languages. Robert W. Young, a prominent figure in Navajo linguistics is known for his publications that are tremendous with an in-depth analysis of the Navajo language. In honor of his contribution, scholarships range from $1,000.00 to $1,500.00.

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Steven Menefee Graduate Fund for Indigenous Language Revitalization.

Steven Virgil Menefee was completing his PhD in Linguistics and working to preserve at risk indigenous languages at UNM when he passed away in 2010. Steven was especially interested in the Navajo language and studied Navajo for four semesters with then graduate student, Dr. Melvatha Chee. Steven worked closely with both Jalon Begay and Dr. Chee in Navajo language research. We loved Steven’s energy, positivity, creativity, and his enthusiasm about indigenous languages and linguistics.

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William Morgan Sr. Navajo Language Fund

This fund was created to honor William Morgan, Sr., a Navajo linguist, whose monumental contribution to the documentation of the Navajo language has paved the way for the establishment of the Navajo Language Program at UNM. These gifts will be used to support the advancement of the Navajo Language Program, along with its students that are integrally a part of the program. Donations will be used to create educational materials, some of which will be made available online, to organize conferences/events, such as ‘Diné Culture Night’, and to assist other university activities associated with the Navajo community. Your continued support of the Navajo Language Program is vital to the maintenance and preservation of the Navajo language.

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