50 Years of Navajo at UNM

Yáʼátʼééh! Welcome to the Navajo Language Program’s commemoration website. We are celebrating five decades of memories. We have overcome hardships, protested cuts to our program, and lobbied for resources. We have taught hundreds of classes, inspired new generations of Navajo speakers, and produced seminal texts on the Navajo language and culture.

University of New Mexicodi

t’ahdii nihizaad bidziil

The continued success of the Navajo Language Program would not have been possible without the support of faculty, teachers, and community leaders. While many individuals contributed, we would like to especially acknowledge the efforts of Melissa Axelrod, Garland Bills, Melvatha Chee, Sally Midgette, Jill Morford, William Morgan Sr., Alyse Neundorf, Bernard Spolsky, Sherman Wilcox, Jay Williams, Mary Ann Willie, Roseann Willink and Robert W. Young.