Diné Culture Night — October 23th, 2019

Knowledge Sharing 1: Dr. Secatero’s model: Leadership Tree of Well-Being

  • Create a well-being model
  • Self-analysis
  • Create person model
  • Share model

This session will present a wellness model created by Dr. Shawn Secatero of the UNM College of Education. At this session, students will learn how to apply leadership practices using knowledge to connect to a more holistic understanding of student growth and well-being in Diné communities. Students will focus their well-being and create a model based on self-reflection.

Knowledge Sharing 2: Four Directions: Hakékʼeh hashchíín (one’s walking path)

  • Birth to old age and directions
  • Four parts of the day, seasons of the year
  • Four sacred minerals and mountains
  • Cultural learning activities included

As soon as we take our first breath in this world, our walking path begins. Life from birth to old age mirrors a division of four: the four directions, four parts of the day, and the four seasons of the year. This session will demonstrate how our life cycle reflects the Navajo philosophy of four.

This is the third of seven Diné Culture Nights for Fall 2019.

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