Diné Culture Night — September 18th, 2019

Knowledge Sharing 1: An In-depth introduction to Kʼé

  • Introductions
  • Kʼé saad
  • Navajo clan system
  • Clan activity

The Diné kʼé system is an important aspect of Navajo society. In adittion ot blood relationship, the Diné clan system establishes how Diné people are related by their four clans. The kʼé terminology used for family members can then be extended to those who are related by clan. Knowledge of kʼé is necessary, especially in a community of Diné who come from across the Navajo Nation. During this session we will learn the clan system through fun activities.

Knowledge Sharing 2: Historical overview of Navajo writing

  • Navajo sound system
  • Greetings phrases
  • Survival phrases
  • Command words

The historical development of Navajo orthography helps us to understand the Navajo writing system as Navajo textbooks, texting, and memes use a standardized form. A natural partner to the writing system are the sounds the Navajo orthography represents. Although the Romanized Navajo alphabet is similar to English in form, it differs in sound. Sounds of the Navajo language will be practiced through the application of useful phrases. This session will incorporate oral skills, pronunciation using pictures, games, and Total Physical Response to assist students with their Navajo speaking skills.

This is the first of seven Diné Culture Nights for Fall 2019.

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