Diné Culture Night — Navajo Ceremonial System: Adair Klopfenstein

Navajo Ceremonial System

We will be hosting Adair Klopfenstein on December 1st, 2020, who will be presenting an introduction to the Navajo ceremonial system for our Diné Culture Night. This is a collaborative community effort and we are happy to be part of it. This is part one of a webinar series called Ceremony is Prevention.

This presentation will be an overview of the scope and purposes of the various traditional healing ceremonies and the processes required to organize and put a ceremony together for yourself or a loved one.

The meeting will be live-streamed via Zoom. It will not be posted on YouTube afterwards so sign-up to catch it live! Register to attend with Eventbrite via the button below, or at: https://dineculturenight-120120.eventbrite.com

Adair Klopfenstein’s Bio

I am Áshįįhį́, born for Bilagaana. Tsédeesgiishnii are my cheii’s and Bilaganaa are my Nalii’s. My mother is from Coalmine Mesa and I grew up in Salt Lake City. I have been a practitioner of Hózhǫǫjí, Dził Kʼijí, Nayeeʼeejí, and Wóláchiiʼjí bee Hochxǫʼíjí for over 18 years. I have a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, and I currently reside in Cameron, AZ.


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