Diné Culture Night — November 20th, 2019

Knowledge Sharing 1: A brief introduction to Késhjééʼ (Navajo Shoe Game)

  • What does one need to play Késhjééʼ?
  • Rules and scorekeeping
  • Késhjééʼ on November 22, 2019

Students will be briefly introduced to the Navajo shoe game. We will review Navajo shoe game protocols, setup, and scorekeeping. This session will last 20 minutes.

Knowledge Sharing 2: Shoe game songs

  • Learn to sing two to four shoe game songs

This session will focus on the Késhjééʼ, the Navajo Shoe Game. The oral history of the shoe game will be shared with participants and the audience will learn the rules of the game and Késhjééʼ protocols. Participants will learn to sing shoe game songs before playing. Késhjééʼ is a Navajo game that is only played in the winter.

This is the sixth of seven Diné Culture Nights for Fall 2019.

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