Diné Culture Night — February 6th, 2020

Hajíínéí Haneʼ

Navajo Creation Story

We are excited to host our first Diné Culture Night on main campus this semester. Hajíínéí haneʼ baa haneʼ dooleeł.

Join us for Diné storytelling and knowledge sharing on UNM campus. Hajíínéí haneʼ helps us identify and understand the importance of the traditional concepts of ádánístáhakess, ádánáhatʼá, ádił ídlį́ and ájoobaʼ. Presenters will share stories while participants create a mini-poster to help them solidify understanding of the various Diné worlds. Participants will also learn terminology associated with the Diné people’s emergence to the earth’s surface through the black, blue, and yellow worlds. Diné Bizaad immersion methods and strategies will be implemented during this session.

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