Throughout the 1970’s, due to Spolsky’s initiative, Robert Young and William Morgan were hired as visiting lecturers and/or researchers, (UNM Departmental MS):

    1. 1971-72: Appointment to staff: Robert Young, as visiting lecturer (Navajo),
    2. 1973-74: two visiting appointments: Professors William Morgan and Robert Young
    3. 1974-75: “Dr. Robert Young was appointed as Research Professor of Navajo Linguistics and Professor of Modern and Classical Languages. He was fully supported by a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Grant for the revision of the Navajo Dictionary… Dr. William Morgan was appointed as Visiting Professor of Navajo Linguistics. He was partially supported by the same NEH Grant, and partially by the NRS-TTP.”
    4. 1978-79: Robert Young, director of the Navajo Dictionary Project, continued as Professor of Navajo Linguistics